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The responsibility of fulfilling the service book of the employee within three months from the date of appointment of the employee in the school remains with the principal of the school. The school has to maintain the service book as per regulation-3. Each registered school should start and continue service book / service form in Form-2 within three months from the date of its appointment by the school board for each of its employees. Regulation-2, Appendix-2, Administrative Duties of Principal Issue no. According to 12, the principal is responsible for maintaining the service books of the school staff and making necessary notes in them. Similarly, the Board of Governors is responsible for maintaining the principal's service book and making necessary notes. Thus, it is a legal duty to maintain the service book in a private secondary school. Violations can result in legal action. In case the school does not fulfill the service book, an appeal can be made to the Hon'ble Secondary Education Commission.

The office (District Education Officer) may order the principal to stop the increase as well as to cut the grant. O If the service book belongs to the previous school and it is incomplete then the present school should write to that school for its completion.

If the previous school was closed then the current school should fill it up on the basis of parallel evidence based on the record / affidavit received. In such a case the finalization of the pension should not be delayed. All the notes of the name, surname, date of birth, educational qualification etc. of the employee made on the first page of the service book should be uncorrected and verified. Medical fitness certificate on the left side of the first page of the service book. (Should be given by Civil Surgeon) Sticky should be certified by Principal.

Both iOS and Android got native QR Code scanners in 2021, thanks to Apple and Google adding the functionality to iOS 11 and Android 8 Oreo, respectively. However, the feature remains missing entirely in older iPhones (iOS 10.x and older) and Android devices (7.x Nougat and older). Thankfully, there are dozens of third-party apps that not only bring the functionality to older devices but also offer added features that are not available natively on either Android or iOS. So here’s a list of the best QR code and barcode scanner apps on Android and iOS.

Best Barcode and QR Code Scanners on Android and iOS

There are many QR Code and barcode scanner apps available on the Play Store and App Store, and we have rounded up 10 of the very best for you. Here, we list the best QR Code and barcode scanners available on Android and iOS so you don’t fall prey to malicious scanner apps that could jeopardize your privacy and security. Almost all of them are available on older devices and include a ton of useful features. But before we get to the list, let’s check out how you can use the built-in QR code scanner on Android devices.

Scan QR Codes on Android Without a Third-Party App

The latest versions of Android (version 8.x Oreo and above) come with a native QR code scanner. To use the feature, first enable the Google app on your phone (if it isn’t already) and give it the requisite camera and microphone permissions to scan QR codes.

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Now open up the camera app and point it at a QR Code. Next, tap on the Google Lens symbol. Depending on your device and Android version, you will either get an automatic popup to scan the code, or you might have to long-press the home button to activate Google Assistant and scan via Google Lens.