Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Your WhatsApp account will be banned forever! Stop these 8 things today

Your WhatsApp account will be banned forever! Stop these 8 things today

WhatsApp Account Banned: If you do not want to get your account banned on WhatsApp and do not want to get into trouble, then keep these 8 things in mind.

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  • WhatsApp account will be banned!
  • Users can get stuck in trouble
  • Take special care of these 8 things

WhatsApp releases its report every month and bans accounts that violate the rules. This work is done keeping in mind the security of the users. WhatsApp is used by all of you and you should take care of some things so that you can keep your account safe. Many times some such mistakes happen that can get your WhatsApp account banned. We have given you a list of these mistakes below.

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Take care of these 8 things, otherwise your WhatsApp account will be banned:

1. If you are continuously using this platform for spam then stop doing so. Many people form groups to spread such messages. Doing this can get you in trouble.

2. If the user has been reported multiple times in a day then the WhatsApp account can be deactivated.

3. If you are associated with many different groups and are doing the work of spreading false news in it, then you have to stop this type of work.

4. APK files can be downloaded on Android phones. These types of files contain malware. Many times these apps themselves send malicious links to other users. In this case, avoid downloading APK files.

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5. If you have created an account in someone else's name and the company comes to know about it, then you can get into trouble.

6. If you have downloaded third party apps like WhatsApp Delta, GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus then your original WhatsApp account can be banned.

7. If too many people report your account or too many people complain against your account, then your WhatsApp account may get banned.

8. Your account can be banned for illegal, obscene or any kind of threat to any other user.