Sunday, November 21, 2021

Government's announcement for offline education for Std. 1 to 5

Government's announcement for offline education for Std. 1 to 5

After 20 months of Corona, schools of Std. 1 to 5 will start offline from tomorrow, attendance is required, consent of parents is required.

  • Corona has closed Std 1 to 5 schools since March 15, 2020
  • More care must be taken to protect children from corona

વિગતવાર VTV ન્યૂઝ રીપોર્ટ વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

Sop Vali samati patrak In pdf 1

Sop Vali samati patrak 2 in 1 In pdf 2

Sop Vali samati patrak in excel 1

Sop Vali samati patrak in excel 2

સંમતી પત્રક in WORD File ની વિશેષતાઓ.

❁ એડિટ કરી વિદ્યાર્થીઓના નામ TYPE કરી શકાશે.

❁ A4 પેપર સાઈઝમાં પેઈજ સેટિંગ.

❁ સરકારશ્રીની ગાઈડ લાઈન મુજબનો નમુનો.

સંમતી પત્રક in EXCEL File ની વિશેષતાઓ.

❁ એક જ ફાઈલમાં એક સાથે 500 વિદ્યાર્થીઓના સંમતી પત્રકની પ્રિન્ટ કાઢી શકાશે..

❁ ફક્ત વિદ્યાર્થીનો નંબર નાખવાથી સમગ્ર ફોર્મ તૈયાર થઇ જશે.

❁ વિદ્યાર્થીઓની નામ, સરનામાં, વાલીના નામ અને વાલીના સંપર્ક નંબર વળી યાદી તૈયાર થઇ જશે.

❁ કેટલા વિદ્યાર્થીઓના સંમતી પત્રક આવ્યા તેની યાદી તૈયાર થઇ જશે.

❁ A4 પેપર સાઈઝમાં પેઈજ સેટિંગ.

❁ સરકારશ્રીની ગાઈડ લાઈન મુજબનો નમુનો.


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ધો. ૧ થી ૫ ના વર્ગો શરુ કરવા બાબત ન્યુઝ રીપોર્ટ 

The state government has taken an important decision for the education of primary school dropouts. Decided to start 1 to 5 direct teaching-offline classes. However attendance is optional. Schools must adhere to Corona's guidelines. As well as for offline classes parents have to give consent form. Schools in the state were closed on March 15, 2020, the first year of the Corona transition. Thus, after 20 months, offline schools of standard 1 to 5 will start.

 પ્રાથમિક શાળાઓમાં માનદ વેતનથી પ્રવાસી શિક્ષકોની નિમણૂંક કરવા બાબત ..🔥*

Corona decided to open schools under his control

Announcing this at a press conference held at Circuit House, Surat, Education Minister and State Government Spokesperson Jitu Waghan said that the state government's effective work has resulted in a significant reduction in the global epidemic corona transition. An important decision has been taken to start Std. 1 to 5 classes in schools. Appropriate decision will be taken in the near future for the education of kindergarten and anganwadi students.

The current environment is conducive to teaching

Informing the media at Surat, the Education Minister said that the current environment seems to be conducive for education work in view of the declining demand and sentiment of academics, students as well as the transition of existing cores. He said that the decision was taken under the leadership of Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel in consultation with the state government to revive the education work of the forgotten so that the education of the children would not be spoiled and once again the education journey would start anew.

The opposite effect of online education on the child's psyche

According to educationist Alkesh Patel, the current mood of children in Std 3 to 9 has been adversely affected. Online education has not been particularly effective for children of this age. Such children cannot constantly concentrate on mobiles or electronic instruments. Parents do not have time to sit with children, so children stay away from the education provided online by the school. Their mental state is not able to understand the video or online education sent from the school.

Kids have been getting online education for the last two years

At a time when the number of corona cases in the state has been steadily declining, the Department of Education has started the process of starting schools in phases. However, education in Std. As primary school children have been getting online education for the last two years, classroom education is now likely to start on December 1.

Classes 6th to 8th started from 2nd September

Following the earlier announcement by the state government, classes 6 to 8 in state schools were started from September 2, with approval to start classes with 50 per cent enrollment. Along with this, the rules of social distance, compulsory mask are also being followed as classes 9 to 12 are being run. Schools are providing hand wash and sanitizer. Along with offline, online education also continues. Government and private schools will have to follow the instructions from the government.

Schools and parents need to be aware of this

  • Sanitation facilities have to be provided in each campus before starting school-colleges.
  • Students should be provided with thermal gun checking, sanitizer and soap arrangements for hand washing.
  • Social distance should be maintained in the classroom and on the school-college campus. Not only that, the mask should be used compulsorily.
  • It is also important to ensure that medical services are available within close proximity to the school-college.
  • Following the SOP of Government of India, the online education system provided by schools and colleges in the state will remain the same.
  • The SOP will be applicable to all government, grant-in-aid and self-finance schools, Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, social justice and empowerment department as well as Adi Jati Vikas department schools of all the boards in the state.
  • From next 23rd November, Std-9 to 12 schools as well as undergraduate final year classes besides PG, Medical-Paramedical will start in the state.
  • The government will announce later to take appropriate decision in time to start the academic work of the remaining classes-standards.
  • Student attendance at school is not mandatory.
  • Institutions must also obtain the written consent of the student's parents or guardians to attend school.
  • Students will also be asked to bring their own masks, water bottles, books, snacks, etc. from home and not to interact with other students.
  • According to the revised seating arrangement in the classroom, there should be a distance of at least 6 feet between the two students.
  • The principal-principal will have to arrange for the students to come in stages so that there is no overcrowding in the school-college campus.
  • For this purpose, the state government has asked to make arrangements for Odd-Even i.e. three days in a week for Std. 9 and 11 and three days for 10 and 12 in the school as per requirement.
  • Students are also advised to come to school on scheduled days of the week and to do homework assignments on the remaining days.
  • It is also advised not to play sports or any other group activity on the field of mass prayer.
  • Parents will be encouraged to use their personal transportation to get their child to and from school.
  • Students who use public transport will also be given appropriate precautionary guidance by the school.