Friday, May 21, 2021

Whatsapp Swamulyankan Principal & teacher Reporting Module

Whatsapp Swamulyankan Principal & teacher Reporting Module

WhatsApp Self Evaluation Platform / Module

As you are all well aware, every Saturday, students of Std. 3 to 10 have been practicing WhatsApp under self-assessment for a long time under the Home Learning Program of Gujarat State Gandhinagar.  Learning materials are also available.  From now on, a platform / module has also been prepared for teachers.  Through which the teacher himself will be able to get the achievement as per the number of students participating in his class and subject and as per the learning outcome ... For this he will be able to get the details using the WhatsApp number given below.  An understanding of the PPT is involved.
 Note - You are requested to study PPT once before you start getting these details on WhatsApp.

How can registration be done

To register in this self assessment criterion launched by the government, principals and teachers will have to message WhatsApp by writing hello on the number  85955 24500. After that the principals and teachers will be asked for their language selection 1 for Gujarati and 2 for ENGLISH. After giving these details, they will be asked for their dise code of school. 10 multiple choice questions one after the other. After that they will be asked for 8 digit teacher code.