Saturday, May 15, 2021



Education is the need of every age, no doubt, but in any age, character is the basic factor for happiness and success in life.

Indeed, the main purpose of education and human life is to build the best character.  Education is the process that transforms a human being from a coarse stone into the best character, but one of the major complaints against the education of today's age is that it only tests the memory, cannot give real training to live life and hence the question of child development  Becoming monstrous.  The same question was asked to me by a mother: 'We both sit with our children for thirty minutes every evening and talk to our child about life-sustaining development, yet he listens very carefully when we are talking.  He understands, but then he treats me as he pleases, doesn't believe me, shouts and does whatever he wants to do. '

Almost many mothers experience similar difficulties.  One of the reasons why children do not follow their own instructions may be their parents' lack of maturity.  We cannot give character or anything like that to our children unless we can improve our own character.  As I have written in my previous books, nothing can be taught to a child through teachings, exhortations or instructions, only what he learns learns from our character.  I remember one day a sister living in front of us was crying when she was taking her child to school.  The mother was so embarrassed one day when she started to squirm and get out of her mother's control and start roaring on the road, so the mother said to the child: 'Come on, let's go to Chopati today, don't go to school.'  Felt swollen for.  Mom was able to silence the child by telling him to go to Chopati and even took the child away, but when the school came, instead of Chopati, Mom dragged the child to school.  From this I thought that if the mother is leaving the school to tell the child to go to school, then the child should not go to school to tell the mother to go to school ?!

In fact, this is our character and then we want to make our children great men.  But is that possible?  Noble character and maturity must be cultivated by the mother first, then we do not have to teach it to our children, the inheritance will automatically come to the child.  So this character building is the main foundation, the cornerstone of a child's life.  Once the foundation stone is ready, teaching the child the science of life remains the mother's primary responsibility.  It is essential to inculcate in the child the values ​​of family, society, culture and nation.  Even if the child becomes a cosmopolitan and lives, the roots in his life should be constantly connected with his society, culture and nation, besides today's education cannot give the child the ability to live life and fulfill the purpose of his life.  It is the mother's responsibility to provide that ability.

It is a well-known fact that Dr.  When Abdul Kalam was asked who do you hold responsible for your best life?  When Dr.  Kalam replied ‘to my mother’ The questioner asked in amazement that if your mother was illiterate then how can she play a role in shaping your life?  When Dr.  Abdul Kalam replied, "It is true that my mother was illiterate, but I have learned the true values ​​of life from her.  The true science of life is what I have learned from him.  He did not teach me the principles of mathematics or science, because he was illiterate, illiterate but he has succeeded in teaching the principles of life sciences.  He has always taught me, son!  Don't be afraid of difficulties, work with courage, do selfless deeds, never get tired of manhood, never be afraid of failure, work hard and always be honest.  These principles of life have taken me to the pinnacle of success. '

  • જે ધોરણ નું ગૃહકાર્ય ડાઉનલોડ કરવું હોય તેના પર ક્લિક કરો

In a real sense, these two things help the child to understand the science of life and thus make a significant contribution to the child's life.  This education can be imparted to the child only when the mother and the family, the society, the nation and then the world are active in this yajna of shaping the life of the child.  Such life-changing useful education in a child cannot be done only through school education so the mother has to be the first means to impart this education to the child.  Only a conscious mother can cultivate the right attitude towards life in her child.  Virtues like family, social values, pride of one's heritage, conscience, humility and faith can really be instilled in a child from his own character.  Even after the two main factors that are useful in shaping the life of a child (noble character building and education of the best values) there are many useful things that play an important role in shaping the life of a child, things that the mother should pay special attention to.